About Me

I’ve always loved photography. Even as a little girl, I was always running around with a camera in my hands. I grew up in Norway and lived in Paris, Milano, Tokyo and London before moving to Los Angeles.

After years of practice with my own cameras, years of working in front of the camera as a model and lots of experience working as an assistant to a photographer, I’ve developed a great eye for getting “the perfect picture”.

Every person and situation is unique and my goal as a photographer is to see your own unique beauty and capture the magic of the moment. I approach every situation and everyone I meet with a positive attitude and find inspiration everywhere.  I truly love photography and aim to bring out the best in whoever I’m photographing.

In addition to photography, I love movies, the arts, contemplating the nature of the Universe, traveling to places like India and Italy, yoga, skiing, skydiving (I only did it once but it was fun), and consider myself pretty adventurous. I’ve learned that there’s beauty everywhere.

I do still photography only, but collaborate with Tonje at https://www.bestvideoproduction.com for those of you who wants a video to go along with your stunning new picture. Perfect for on-line business presentations, yoga instructors, coaches etc.

I’m truly grateful for this opportunity to share my talents and abilities with you. Thank you.

Picture Perfect Every Time